Astigmatic Keratotomy (AK) is useful for correcting astigmatism. AK is a simple procedure where the surgeon places incisions in the cornea to change its curvature in a controlled fashion. In the hands of a skilled surgeon, AK is effective and can achieve predictability that rivals correction with the excimer laser. It is often a useful enhancement procedure following previous LASIK or PRK. While the incisions usually go 90% of the total corneal thickness in depth, a perforation can occur if the blade cuts too deeply. In this instance, fluid inside the eye leaks outward. The surgeon may need to apply temporary stitches over the perforation to stop the leak.

AK probably reduces the strength of the globe so that any direct trauma, like a fist or air bag to the eye, may cause the globe to rupture more easily. Nevertheless, any trauma enough to cause

An Important Note From Dr. Thompson:

See: Risks of Refractive Surgery. Remember surgery is surgery and all surgery has risks. This is not meant to discourage you but these are facts you should know if you plan to have surgery preformed. This office is extensively involved in refractive surgery and would be happy to meet with you and discuss your case. I have personally had refractive surgery. But, just because these risks were acceptable to me does not mean they will be acceptable to you. I strongly recommend you educate yourself prior to surgery and then consult a knowledgeable eye care provider to further guide you through the procedure and follow-up. Pre and post operative care is critical in maximizing your chance of a good outcome.

Our office policy is to educate our refractive surgery patients well enough that they have realistic expectations and know the risks before they commit to the surgery, we believe in informed consent. Once the decision is made, it is our goal to get that person to the best surgeon for the amount of money they want to spend.